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Image by Diomari Madulara


Coconut trees are one of the most valuable trees on the planet, and are often referred to as the "Tree of life”. Moreover, our region of Pollachi is referred to as the “Paradise of Coconut Trees”, where these trees have been cultivated with care for generations. At Remmy, we work closely with these traditional farmers to procure our raw materials locally and sustainably. Because we make use of  the discarded byproduct, the coconut tree husk, we are blessed with an abundance of this pure, renewable asset that proves to be one of the best natural products for growing crops.

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At Remmy we require a number of machines to maintain an effective and efficient manufacturing process. Undoubtedly, this requires a large amount of electricity. Because we always hold the environment as a high priority, we have invested in wind energy as an environmentally friendly power source. We have our own windmills situated in the outskirts of Pollachi, where we get an average wind velocity of 15 to 20 kmph, thereby providing us with ample renewable energy  to supplement our electricity needs.

Image by mrjn Photography


Our manufacturing process requires multiple washing cycles, after which results in tainted water. To manage this, we have constructed our own ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant). This type of waste water treatment method is particularly designed to purify industrial wastewater for its reuse. This process recycles up to 90% of the water that we use.

Image by Nicola Anderson


Since we are in the southern part of India we get nearly 94.5 cms of rain annually, but because of seasonal changes there is great spatial variation. At our facility we have constructed an abundant rain water harvesting system to catch runoff, which is then purified and used as groundwater supplement for the factory. We are one of the few factories in the world who are maintaining this type of eco-friendly system for self-supply of water.

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