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We are a second generation family business developed in 1994.



Remmy Substrates India Pvt. Ltd specialises in manufacturing and exporting coir fibre, coir pith and growing mediums. During our 25+ years of experience, we have distinguished ourselves through long-term relationships of trust with growers worldwide.

Through our offices based in India, Australia and China (Qingdao Remmy Commerce & Trade Co. Ltd.) our products, made of renewable resources like coir pith and husk chips, find pride of place all over the world - including the Netherlands, USA, Mexico and Canada.


We are uniquely situated in the southern part of India - at the outskirts of Pollachi-Tamilnadu, where the tropical climate and generous rains provide an abundant water supply to grow lush, green coconut trees. Unlike most of the towns in Tamilnadu, Pollachi experiences a pleasant climate given its proximity to the Western Ghats, receiving both southwest and northeast monsoon rains, which makes this region renowned for its vibrant coconut plantations.


We take great care to ensure that our raw materials, harvested straight from these trees, stay rich in natural minerals from plant to product. We are blessed to provide you with exceptional coir materials, sourced locally, right from our lands to yours.

Image by Sabbir Ahmed



Our 50 acre production facility in Pollachi is surrounded by a sea of beautiful coconut plantations. Our manufacturing process is operated through the use of German machines that helps us achieve international production standards. To provide you with the best possible products, our factory is equipped with over 20 bunkers for ageing and washing coir pith that make our products more reliable. We have vast concrete dry-yards to ensure correct structure, air content, drainage and nutrients for your coir materials.


To meet our growing demand, we have expanded to having production units in Coimbatore and Pattukottai (Tamilnadu) and Mysore (Karnataka).


We always depend on our own wheels. Our fleet of lorries works tirelessly to export hundreds of containers to destinations all over the world. Our transport system runs 24x7 for 365 days to help fulfil our supply-demand operations. By independently managing transport from the facility, we are able to closely track the location and contents of our containers, while also ensuring hygiene standards and delivery time. This also translates into cost-saving benefits for you, our growers. We understand that issues do arise during global transportation, that's why we have a dedicated team available to track products and to follow up on all orders.



We are very attentive to maintaining quality throughout our production. Since our products are manufactured within our own facilities, with raw materials from our own locality, we can establish well defined controls from beginning till end of the product. All of our manufacturing steps are strictly monitored under RHP terms. Our in-house laboratory works continuously to monitor several parameters in coir pith that arise during production to make sure you are getting the best of what we offer. 


Our commitment to quality comes through in our products and we look forward to sharing our very best with you.


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