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We understand the necessity to cultivate quality roses to compete in the global flower market. That's why we provide specialized coco peat mixtures as the ideal growing medium with increased porosity. This prompts the soil to loosen and heightens aeration, resulting in better root development for your roses. Our substrates thus result in better plant growth and higher yield. Because water drainage is essential in rose gardening, we also take great care to ensure proper drainage for your buds. All the dripper holes, mixtures and dimensions can be altered according to your needs. 


Our raw materials are dried and washed perfectly at flawless temperatures, rose cultivators can now stop worrying about weed formation around their rosebeds. Remmy provides two blends for optimal flower growth. Firstly, the Blossom mix is specially crafted for blooming plants and easily adjusts to manage the difficulties in flower horticulture. Secondly, growers who need heightened air porosity should select our Blossom Plus mix. We provide washed and extra washed mix proportions for your roses.

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